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Tired of manually calculating what you need to get an A in your class? GradeView is an app that lets students and parents view and simulate their grades in school districts that use the Synergy SIS platform.


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About GradeView

Stay on top of your grades.

GradeView allows users to view their GPA, add new assignments for each class, and change scores for existing grades to see how their grades would be affected.

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The app is free and available for both IOS and Android.


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You can now enjoy our app's top features, view your schedule/gpa, simulate your grades and much more.

App Features

Top Features of GradeView

GradeView works for all school districts that use the Gradebook module on the Synergy SIS platform. Enjoy all the features of the app at no cost!

View current GPA

Colorized class grades

View detailed info about each class

View class schedule

Works for parents

Switch between children

Supports Dark and Light Mode

Simulate your grades to see what you need to get on your assignments

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Modern and User Friendly

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