Check your grades on GradeView in Highline Public Schools!

GradeView | View your grades in Highline Public Schools

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Trying to check your grades on StudentVUE in Highline Public Schools?

Want a change from the layout and features of the Highline StudentVUE app?

GradeView is a free app that replaces StudentVUE and lets students and parents view and simulate their grades in school districts like Highline Public Schools that use the Synergy SIS StudentVUE platform.

GradeView supports over 600 school districts in the United States and Highline Public Schools is one of them!

With GradeView you can view your class schedule, add custom assignments, view your cumulative GPA, and much more!

If you use StudentVUE in Highline you need to have this app! Join thousands of users in Highline Public Schools and download GradeView!


How do I login to GradeView on the internet in Highline?

Visit in order to login to StudentVUE. Login using your school provided username and password.

If you need to check your grades in Highline, there’s no better option than GradeView

How do I check my grades on GradeView in Highline?

  1. Download the GradeView app and open it.
  2. When prompted to select your school district, enter any zip code in Highline Public Schools
  3. Hit Search and select Highline Public Schools
  4. Enter your school provided username and password
  5. On the home screen of the app, make sure you’ve selected the correct marking period.
  6. Click on your classes to view your grades in each class.

Can Highline users trust GradeView?

Yes! GradeView was built with privacy and security as a top priority. GradeView doesn’t store any information that is linked to the user and simply acts as a “wrapper” around StudentVUE that lets users view their grades with lots of cool features.

There's no better for checking grades on Highline StudentVUE than GradeView!

Check out our privacy policy and terms of conditions to learn more!

What about parents?

GradeView works for parents in Highline Public Schools aswell!

Check out the GradeView for Highline parents page to learn more!